Clue #9


Giorgi Park where children run and play
Was built by 1400 volunteers in just 5 days!
In their honor is a fence of names
Look behind picket #one – Mitch, Teri, Taylor & Tess


5 thoughts on “Clue #9

  1. Hi Lauri,

    The leprechauns were with me this morning when I found your sweet little painting entitled “Party Time”… how appropriate! Thanks for sharing your love of animals and sense of wonder and fun with me. I will cherish this piece of art. It will remind me to be more generous… like you.

    Happy Happy Birthday!

    • Wonderful K Sanderson! So glad you found some Treasure Art! I hope you will come by the party at my studio on the 29th – would be so fun to meet you. Lauri

      • I’ll be there! Will the other members of your family be at the party- Peanut, Sally, Dot, et al? I would love to meet them, too.

  2. Sorry – posted before finishing…..I do bring them to the studio when I there working but usually one at a time. Stop by sometime mid-week. Lauri

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