Clue #1

Guerrilla – serving the Art & Soul of Zinfandel
From the back door find where two walls meet
One made of grape stakes
The other curved cement


2 thoughts on “Clue #1

  1. Found Forestville treasure by starting hunt 15 hours early, driving from Berkeley, CA, thursday afternoon and thus in place to begin Friday morning. Found it after going 3 different places, including assistance from a guy getting his mail at the Post Office. The precious painting by Lauri to my great surprise and delight was recovered at 8:30 am. Thanks, Lauri and Mike. It felt like it was my birthday, not yours.
    Many happy returns of the day shall you have. Can’t wait to show you how great the painting looks in our place and to thank you in person. We will be there on the 29th to celebrate.
    Your friends, Barbara and Richard Yoder

    • Hey Barbara & Richard – You all made such a big effort to get up to this neck of the woods to go Treasure Hunting – I am so glad you found a piece! Lauri

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