About 60 at 60

“60 At 60” art treasure hunt

Sixty pieces of free original art to be found around Sebastopol in March 2014

Sebastopol, CA, February 1, 2014 — In celebration of her 60th birthday, fine art painter Lauri Luck announces the Big Birthday Art Treasure Hunt: Sixty original artworks to be left at various locations around Sebastopol, Forestville, Healdsburg, Petaluma, Santa Rosa, Guerneville, and Cotati for anyone to find and keep.

“2004 marked my 50th Birthday, and to celebrate I created and exhibited 50 paintings in a show titled ‘50 at 50.’ It seemed only reasonable to follow that fabulous exhibit ten years later with something just as unique and fun to mark the occasion of my 60th Birthday,” said Lauri. “Using the theme of ‘60 at 60’ as the starting point for ideas, I felt the celebration needed to be something different than just an exhibit of the past ten years of work. Instead I want to celebrate my 60th year – my NOW – my place in the continuum.”

Looking at what art means to her, how it shaped her life and how it plays into everyone’s life, she thought about the early influence of illustrations in children’s books on how she saw the world in terms of line, color, shape and design. “These books, through their stories, also inspired my love of magic, treasure hunts, puzzles and surprises to be discovered if one looked hard enough and was open to the possibilities,” said Lauri. “Art and magic – for me there can never be enough.”

Wanting to share that sense of discovery and magic with others and also wanting to give back through art —“I have been given so much in my life from my family, friends and neighbors to folks, who unexpectedly walk into to my studio, enjoy my work and tell me their stories.” — Lauri came up with the idea of giving away her art through a treasure hunt.

“It’s a way to give of myself through my art back to the community that supports me as an artist — in hopes that this will inspire my community — friends and neighbors — to look for all the treasures that exist all around them and perhaps find a little piece of art in their own back yard.”

The 60 small paintings were created especially for this event using scrap wood and paint. Each painting features animal imagery typical of artist’s work. Each piece in the numbered series is packaged in a clear cello bag for easy viewing and includes art/artist documentation plus an invitation to Lauri’s “60 at 60” Big Art Birthday Party & Show.

The Big Art Birthday Party & Show will be held Saturday,    March 29,, 2014, 12 to 4, at the artist’s studio, 2371 Gravenstein Hwy South, Sebastopol (behind Renga Gallery). All art finders are invited to bring their found pieces and stories to display and share. They are also encouraged to share their stories on the “60 at 60” Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/60at60.

Lauri Luck is represented by James Snidle Fine Arts Gallery, San Francisco, CA (www.jamessnidlefinearts.com). For the latest on the Big Birthday Art Treasure Hunt, visit https://www.facebook.com/60at60.


4 thoughts on “About 60 at 60

    • You found you way to my blog – I hope that means you have found it is a source of Treasure Clues too. http://www.Facebook.com/60at60 is also a good place to get the clues. 10 clues launch every other day starting with today – the 14th – till all sixty have been released. Good Luck Treasure Hunting! Lauri

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