CLUE #61


This is the last and final Clue – ONE TO GROW ON!

Well I do LOVE a walk
In nature under blue or grey skies
It’s the joy of the journey
Where true pleasure lies.

Along Joe’s Trail past the broad farms and creeks
Flowering brambles and lime green trees
Enjoyed by riders & walkers & bicyclists
Is a Treasure that the artist completely missed!

It’s not far – a pleasant little stroll
To the big bridge with “Uneven Surface Ahead”
Could this be a prediction for life at 60 & some?
I say throw caution to the wind & find – One to Grow On!
(You can hold onto the rail but it’s best to look over it!)


Clue #56

From Ceres Garden Gate head left
And wind along past apple trees
Go to the last apple tree on your left
Where finding Treasure will be a breeze
(Look close – it’s a bit of a squeeze)

Clue #58

With great books in hand
On N. High Street you land
Head for your car
Where the three sisters are
Tops in the wind
You will have to bend
To find Treasure below

Clue # 59

Enjoy the place where you might get a strike or a spare
And afterward you might want to go out for some air
Look for the grand eucalyptus by the bright yellow gate
Treasure is hidden under bark-ribbons at it’s base

Clue #54

Go to the garden where junk sculpture is star
And sit for a spell in the Arizona chair
If only the mirror was on the other side
A little tree & the Treasure – you might spy
*Hint: This is near my studio

Clue #55

Vintage buttons & trims galore
Can be found at the Legacy Store
Sail out to the island & it’s single tree
This Treasure can be found near your knee

Clue #57

Uplands Preserve has a bench
For you to enjoy the view
Explore that one little tree
Between the Laguna & you